Inspired by Punjabi cultural values of service, entertainment, peace and humanity, Tehlka Media Group was established on 1st March 2006, with great enthusiasm to promote Punjabi culture including traditions, ethics, language, heritage, music and artists. Having experience over than a decade, Tehlka Radio and TV offering numerous online programmes to their listeners throughout Toronto and worldwide by using various platforms. Tehlka Radio & TV is Canadian National Station based in Toronto, distinguished itself as the largest Punjabi radio station with mission to connect listeners with roots of their culture by providing them a wide range of programmes, topics, news, views, music and religion sermons.


We pride ourselves in connecting with our listeners all over the world. Through our shows, we tried our best to convey true facts and figures to public. Tehlka Media established a loyal and growing listenership by providing updated news daily. Hosts of Tehlka group present top news of the world. With top most position of entertainment channel, Tehlka serve their people with various entertaining programmes via Radio and TV (broadcast across Canada on Vision Television). To connect their people with famous celebrities, artists, writers, singers and upcoming talent Tehkla steps forward and broadcast various entertainment shows to spread love, laughter and true meaning of relations.


“Our basic motto is to unite our people with roots of their culture. We look forward to provide more services, to entertain  and  convey great message to our people.”